Still In Love

Friday, June 11, 2010 4:33 PM


I am still sho nuff in love with my hair. It's been about a year now since I've been completely natural and my hair remains one of my favorite things to gush about. I never get bored with it, and I'm still intrigued with learning about it. I resist the urge to try every product I read about, because obviously that can get out of hand quickly. I also don't waste time wishing for my hair to be like anyone else's. I've been keeping it very simple since I've been pregnant, mainly because I have to conserve my energy. I'm sure that once the baby gets here, I also won't have as much time for styling.

But... y'all know hair is my thing, so I still have to find time to play with it and keep it fly. I just have to. I can only wear my hair in a bun for so long before I start to get tired of looking at it. Also, I have some hair goals that have emerged that I've decided to put forth a deliberate effort to accomplish.

I've decided to set a length goal. I didn't want to set one before, because I didn't want to make my natural hair journey about a specific outcome. Now that I've accomplished the "going natural" part. I really am curious to see if my natural hair can surpass the length I achieved before college and if I can maintain it.

Specifically, I'm shooting for my twist/braid out to be APL. Why? A few reasons. Because twist/braid outs are easy and low maintenance. I love the texture and waves that I get from them. However, right now, it's either twist out for a bob length style or straighten for APL length style. In other words, in order to have the length - I have to put heat in my hair and straighten it, see?

And since I've gotten used to the volume of my natural hairstyles, when I do straighten it, I get tired of it very quickly because it just looks thin and flat to me. I'm shooting for the best of both worlds - length AND volume.

I expect it to take a couple years for me to reach this goal and I'm excited about the journey. This is what I do! Set goals, fumble along trying different ways to accomplish them and learning about myself along the way, then check them off and move on the next.

Here are a couple recent pics of a twist out and a blow out. As you can see, the twist out grazes my shoulders and as you can't see (sorry) the blowout is somewhere between APL and BSL.