Love and Locks - This Week's Hair and Inspiration (Summer Readiness Edition)

Saturday, May 28, 2011 10:00 AM

Interesting week for me, my loves.  I'm wordless and full of words all at the same time. Emotionally, I have a lot to sort through and adjust to right now.  I'm so glad it's a long weekend.  Not only is it a long weekend, but Memorial Day weekend always feels like the unofficial start of summer, doesn't it?  It will be about 90 degrees all weekend, so we're planning on taking the kids to the pool for its opening weekend.  What are your plans for the holiday?

One of the first things I think about when summer approaches is my body.  Am I swimsuit ready?  Do I have my go-to summer products on deck?  Have my feet been de-winterized?  And then of course, how will I be wearing my hair this summer?

Afrobella wrote a post this week about swimsuit confidence.  Did you know that this was swimsuit confidence week?   We all have our issues, but I believe there is a swimsuit for everyone.  I've been very happy with every swimsuit I've ordered from Newport News.  They have many so different, cute styles to cater to problem areas and they have this Shape Fx line that holds things in and contours things magically. 

I love a glowy, bronze look even at the beginning of the summer before a natural tan sets in.  Nars Body Glow smells so yummy and makes my skin so glowy and smooth.  It's expensive at $59 but it always lasts me two summers.  I also have the Gelee de Soleil Browing Oil by Carol's Daughter but I prefer the Nars because it has a brown tint to it that the Gelee de Soleil doesn't have. Nars calls it "translucent chocolate shimmer"....yummmm. 

 I have super oily skin so I hate to wear make up in the summer time.  Lately I've been mixing in some Makeup Forever concealer with  Clean & Clear mattifying moisturizer to even out my skin tone and keep the greasy face under control.  Then it's just mascara and lip gloss.  I always keep oil blotting papers in my makeup bag.  We'll see how that works.  How do you stay fresh faced in the summer heat?

A few other things I always have in my bag are baby wipes, deodorant, and a small body spray.  I don't want to be caught out on a long summer day feeling greasy-faced and stinky.  What goodies do you keep in your bag to beat the heat?

I know my hair styles will vary this summer, but I will continue to wear my hair up most of the time in mostly buns and updos.  I'll wear ponytails and twist outs, too.  Rarely wash and go's.  I probably won't do many braid outs either.  Those are my favorite for winter time, but I prefer twist outs in the summer. 

I saw some beautiful hair around the web this week.  Here's a few I just had to share:

She might have the prettiest locs I've ever seen!

Always my curl icon.

I used to wear my hair like this quite often.  May need to revisit.

I'm so doing this with my hair!


Have a great holiday weekend!