3 Things.

Thursday, July 5, 2012 11:26 AM

I've recently become enamored with Erica Kennedy.  She was a publicist, an author, a freelance writer, and from this Afrobella post, I gather that she was a mentor and motivator to many.  She passed away last month.  While the details of her death are unclear, I can't help but read this post by Bassey Ikpi and wonder what her state of mind was when she passed.  Mental illness is often very quiet.  Her story brings me back to the question that I often ask myself - why is it so much easier to cheer others than it is to cheer yourself?  I've added Feminista, Kennedy's second novel to my book reading list.  From this Clutch article, I learned that the book delivers an underlying message of dismantling the myth of the Strong Black Woman.  Had me at hello.

It's time for a bigger house.  I'm so thankful for the one we have, but we are literally bursting at the seams.  The big kids - Bub (10) and Ray (6) - are constantly bickering and vying for space.  It's time to stop stalling and start seriously thinking about moving.  With Bub going to middle school for the 2013/2014 school year, the timing is ideal.  I'd like them to only have to change schools (and potentially school districts once).  By the way, Sky turned 2 recently.  Gradually, she's becoming more kid and less baby.  I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this, so I'll own them both. 

My lovey and co-author for Peace Love and Pretty Things recently became a contributor for Fro Fashion Week's Fashion blog.  I'm so excited to see more and more opportunities coming her way.  Another lovey of mine recently started a blog - Diary of a First Time Mom - to chronicle her journey from being a reporter in the Cayman Islands to being a stay at home mom back in our home town.   Show a new mom and new blogger some love and check out her site.

Thanks for coming to see me today.  Hope you're having a great week and taking time to just breathe.   xo