In A Word: Chemistry

Saturday, July 21, 2012 4:13 AM


I'm a little late for Friday's post.  It was one of those days. I'm just happy that I'm still awake.


How would you explain chemistry?  The kind you have with your significant other or your best friend?  The kind you have with a business partner or creative soulmate?   Sometimes chemistry is a fleeting fascination that comes and goes and leaves you different than it found you.

I have a certain kind of chemistry with you as a reader.  It has something to do with understanding.  Or intrigue perhaps.  Somehow, we're on the same wavelength. 

It's very fluid.  When you mix the elements that make you who are, with the elements of someone else, you get all kinds of reactions.   I don't know why some people vibe and some don't, but it can't be forced.  Chemistry is a product of the soul. Sometimes it plays out in your mind, sometimes your body, sometimes both.

I once had a dance teacher once who exuded light and energy.  She literally burst into every room she entered and hugged everyone as a greeting.   I saw big pieces of myself in her.  Pieces that I couldn't  acknowledge at the time because I was in my way.

I didn't understand why, but I felt one with her.  Like we came from the same village.  Where people smile and dance around and hug each other.  Where love is law and there's no other way to live.  She made me feel different about my own light.  Less embarrassed by it.  Just by her being herself.  My spirit saw a reflection of something familiar in her.

That was a safe example.  Physical chemistry can be more dangerous. Not awake enough to really touch that.   Maybe next time.  For now, goodnight.