Why You Should Do Everything In Your Power to NOT Fit In

Thursday, July 26, 2012 9:39 AM


There are things about you that make you feel different from everyone else. Some are positive things and some things you perceive to be negative.

If you've already learned how to embrace the things that make you unique, then I must inform you that you now - whether you like it or not - have become an inspiration for those who aren't there yet.
When I meet people - in person or online - who are very in touch with who they are and seem uninhibited, I feel aroused in a way -  in the sense that it awakens me to my own desire to express myself.

I've decided that I want to arouse those feelings in other people.  Yes, I want to arouse you, my loves, to be more of your beautiful selves.  Today, I'm giving you a brain dump of 14 reasons why you should be shameless about who you are.  Can you add to this list?!

{1}  To gain a better understanding of what makes you tick.
{2}  To attract people in your life who love you for the real you.
{3}  To attract opportunities based on what you are naturally good at.
{4}  To inspire people around you to be themselves.
{5}  To accept yourself, flaws and all, and therefore be more accepting of others.
{6}  To be confident and not easily swayed.
{7}  To be consistent and sincere - not showing different faces to different people.
{8}  To be a leader.
{9}  To be self-driven and own your own experience.
{10}To free your mind up from limitations that aren't real.
{11}To be openminded.
{12} To reduce the impact of fear and anxiety in your life.
{13} To be brave and believe in all the possibilities.
{14} To honor God. You were made the way you are for a reason. By honoring yourself, you are honoring your Creator.

When you have those moments where you feel awkward, or you feel uncomfortable with yourself, remember that fitting in - to the point of denying yourself - is not what you are here to do.  You not only have permission but you have a responsibility to feel how you feel and to be who you are.