{Past Tense} This Thing Called Us

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 10:00 AM


it scares me like a stranger with concealed motives who knows all my secrets. this thing called us turns me inside out, upside down and backwards. i can't deny it or hide from it.

when I was but a glimmer of possibility, the needs that i never knew i would have were being personified in you. When i look in your eyes, my soul connects with you and i see you.  i see in you what i love in myself, and i fear the things that aren't reflected in me.

old ideas told me i shouldn't want this thing. saying that it doesn't fit, it doesn't guarantee, and it's always left when everything else points to right. telling me to fall back. find easy. find normal. because i've never had those things – at least not when it comes to love. thought i was supposed to have those things - if this indeed was the one for me.

but this thing here defies any narrow representation. the expected definitions don't fit. so, i have let go of my context for normal and give up my prerequisite for easy in favor of finding the courage for love.

this thing is full of purpose like a divine mission.  it opens me and exposes me to the places and stories that fear created inside of me and i projected onto the world. when I run, when I fall, when I hide;iI peek out and it's still right there looking like light at the end of the tunnel, feeling like heaven and sounding like my favorite song. this is us.  no easy, no normal, no fear...all love.

What is {Past Tense}?  It's explained here.