4 Hair Things.

Sunday, September 9, 2012 12:00 PM

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My latest tips for transitioning and hair health can be found here on Transitioning Movement.  I highly recommend the site, and not only because I'm a contributor.  There's just so much positivity and insight along with practical, everyday tips.  Lisa Price recently wrote a piece about Finding Faith in Your Passion where she shared seven principles that she lives by in life and in business:
1. Passion - Identify your passion

2. Research - do the research on whatever field you wish to pursue. Know where your industry is going and from where it came.

3. Trust - you must have trust in your team. No one does anything alone.

4. Authenticity - remain authentic in what you do.

5. Adapt - you have to figure out how to adapt to the changing landscape around you or you will be left behind.

6. Mentorship - if you can, be a mentor and if you need a mentor - remember, they do not have to be people you know personally. Two of my mentors are Martha Stewart and Tyler Perry. I have appeared on Martha's show once and have never met Tyler, but they both have taught me so much.

7. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable - if it is too easy, you are probably not growing.
Fall is almost here!  My hair loves the  humidity of the summer, but my styles last much longer in the Fall and that other season that I'm not ready to talk about.  I'm looking forward to wearing my bangs without worrying about sweaty summer face.
I've started teaching my daughter how to take care of her own hair.  She's six almost seven.  We're starting with the process of moisturizing and wrapping it up every night.  Sometimes she does it enthusiastically and sometimes she doesn't want to be bothered.  She loves doing her dolls' hair though and already knows how to braid, two strand twist and flat twist their hair. 
I haven't made any changes to my hair regimen in the past year that are worth mentioning.  The last time I updated you on my regimen and products was here
What's been going on with your hair?  Tried anything new recently?