Captured: Day 14 {What I Wore Today}

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 11:52 PM


Yeah I'm still at it.  I told you that I'm not quitting the photo challenge.  It's just going to take me longer than 30 days.   While I'm here, can I just say a few things?
I really don't like when people refer to relaxers as creamy crack.  It was somewhat cute/funny the first time I heard it I guess, but there are some folks who don't even ever say relaxer anymore. I just don't think it's necessary.  It's so extra - like when people refer to pork as swine. 
There's this quote by Nelson Mandela that says "There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered."  Sometimes a person or a situation reminds you of where you've been and why you don't go there anymore.  And it feels good.  Maybe a little sad...a little melancholy, but mostly good because you're in a healthier place.
My house is always a little bit messy.  Whatever.  My mind is a little bit messy too and I'm okay with that.  Over the last couple weeks, the subtle mind shift I talked about here has really helped me relax.  I've also been drinking more wine, so not sure where the credit is due.
Love and hugs til next time.