More Than Words

Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:00 AM


Today is a day for being.  Be with those you love, be kind to yourself.

I'm going through some things.   Growing pains I guess.  I'm not in a bad place, but I have so much to say and I can't seem to say anything.  I can't step back from myself enough to capture what's going on yet. 

Write.  Delete.  Write.  Delete.  Cursor blinking and taunting me.  Words escape me.

Today was the first day of Fall.   It was beautiful and simple.  All day I felt keenly aware of how blessed we are.  Many things were left delightfully unaccomplished and unworried about today. 

I wish I could say more, but I know better than to try and force it.  Just these few sentences took me almost two hours to write. 

While I have to admit some degree of frustration, I've learned the importance of being quiet and listening to Spirit.  So, I'm listening.