Unfiltered Gratitude

Saturday, September 15, 2012 10:40 AM


Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty.
— Rumi

Hey now!  It's a beautiful Summery Fall morning.  The windows are open and fresh air is flowing through our messy, happy house.   The baby is crying because we're weaning her off her binky.  Oh wait, now she's stopped because her big sister gave her a purse to distract her.  My little helper comes through again.

What will we wear today?   There are more dirty clothes than clean.  I'm glad it's a home game today and we don't have to drive far.  Tackle football.  I don't love the demanding practice/game schedule, but I love the male camaraderie. The little guy and his dad listen to "get hype" music in the car on the way to games.  Me and the girls ride separately listening to Kidz Bop and Beyonce.  Singing at the top of our lungs of course.

I fell asleep last night without washing off my makeup and I'll surely pay for it. Watched Gremlins 2 with the big kids and we all fell asleep on the couch.  Dad slept in the basement with the crickets.  Yes, the crickets.  Thanks for reminding me to call the exterminator.

Writing deadline on Monday, so this evening will be spent churning out three articles.  I'm just happy to have a writing deadline in the first place. Happy to have friends and family and readers who encourage me and push me just when I need it.

Happy to have this place where I can share up days, down days and in between days and hopefully encourage you to accept and relish yours.  Happy with my big hair, my brown skin, my big heart and my uncertainty.  The little girl is staring at me.  Oh yes!  It's our turn to bring a post-game snack for the boys. What would I do without my mini-me?   I better go.  I hope you have a lovely day full of thanks and gratitude and beautiful moments.   xoxo