Soft, Dry Roller Set for Natural Hair

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 8:00 AM

Believe it or not, I used good old sponge rollers and end papers to achieve this look. 

I washed, conditioned and blew my hair out first and then taking small sections I sprayed very lightly with Shea Radiance Hair Milk and sealed with Shea Radiance Hair Butter - focusing the hair butter on my ends.

I ran the product through with my fingers then smoothed each section with my denman brush.  I used a piece of end paper on each section and then rolled with a jumbo sponge roller.  

After letting it dry thoroughly, I just carefully took each roller out then sort of shaped and separated as necessary with my fingers.  I try not to separate the hair very much at the ends because I find that keeping the curls clumped together keeps my ends stronger and less likely to get tangled.

I've never tried curlformers or flexi rods, but if you hate sponge rollers, I'm sure you could get the same look with those.  I've also used these mesh wire rollers with successful results.

Let me know if decide to try it out!