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1:15 PM

Hey!  As you can see, nobody's home.  This was my first blog and my special place for three years.  In late 2012, I decided that I'd outgrown the space, and I started a new blog called All the Many Layers.

The Write Curl Diary started as a result of my desire to share my journey from relaxed to natural hair and all of the self-discovery that I experienced along the way. Over time, the blog became more than that to me. It became my virtual escape. My therapy. My vision board. It allowed me to connect with women like you who appreciate the complexities of love and life and self-acceptance.

Although I'll no longer be writing here, you can still find me at All the Many Layers and Peace Love and Pretty Things.  If you're looking for hair advice, you can find me blogging for Carol's Daughter over at TransitioningMovement.com.

Below I've captured the favorite posts from The Write Curl Diary, based on pageviews, as well as some of the features and interviews I did during the time that I called this blog home.

*Favorite Posts


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*Hair Features

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